Chocolate collection “Baltija”


Inspired by the greatness of the Baltic Sea, Rūta’s chocolate masters have created a collection of chocolates in a form that buyers have come to love. The collection comes in smaller and bigger sized boxes.

In a small variant, you will find a selection of 4 types of sweets of distinctive flavors with the following fillings: brandy flavored cacao, pistachio cream, biscuit pieces and dried fruit and hazelnut cream with hazelnut. In total, smaller box consists of 15 pieces of chocolate sweets of 4 different flavors.

The bigger box consists of 2-layer collection of 10 different sweets with the following fillings: mango, beer, hazelnut, pollen, green tea, champagne, cashew and coffee, coconut, Marsala wine and white chocolate cream and passion fruit. In color and texture, they remind of the treasures lying in the depths of the sea and the glittering gold of the Baltic Sea – Amber. This larger collection consists of 41 pieces of chocolate sweets of 10 different flavors.


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