Organic hard cheese DŽIUGAS, 24-month-ripened


Organic DŽIUGAS is an exclusive cheese, because only a limited amount is produced from the best and most valuable summer milk! Cows from organic farms are free to graze on the pastures surrounded by the Samogitian hills and rivers far from cities and industry. Therefore, the milk is particularly valuable and delicious, free from heavy metals, pesticides, hormones or antibiotic residues.

The production process of DŽIUGAS organic cheese is strictly regulated – milk is collected from certified farms only, and transported independently from regular milk. In the factory, the organic cheese is produced separately from regular cheeses without using preservatives or any other synthetic additives.

Special recipes, highest quality milk, and long-term ripening create a unique DŽIUGAS organic cheese with a special milder taste. Sharpness, characteristic to this cheese, is counterbalanced by a mild milky halftone that tickles not only your palate, but also your heart…

DŽIUGAS organic cheese is very nutritious and easy to digest, rich in amino acids, valuable proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Mature hard cheese is rich in calcium that is very important to human body.

No artificial additives, no preservatives, no gluten, lactose free, suitable for vegetarians. Organic certification LT-EKO-001.

Ingredients: milk, salt, starter culture, ferment

Storage temperature range: from 0°C to 16°C.
Package: paper

Nutrition facts (100 g)
Energetic value – 1528,00 kJ / 367,00 Kcal
Fat – 26,00 g
Saturated fatty acids – 17,60 g
Carbohydrates – 0,00 g
Sugar – 0,00 g
Proteins – 33,00 g
Salt – 2,00 g


Legendary Lithuanian hard cheese DŽIUGAS has a trademark flavor that is easy to recognize at every stage of maturity. The different stages or ages at which it is sold are: mild (over 12 months), piquant (over 18 months), delicate (over 24 months) and gourmet (over 36 months old). As the cheese ages and ripens, the quality and flavor is improved and the characteristic taste deepens and develops. 60, 100 and 120 months of maturity are available upon request (please contact us and we will source it for you).

DŽIUGAS cheese is made with only the highest quality cow’s milk. It is collected from herds based on ecologically farmed land that has been designated a national park. When it reaches DŽIUGAS, the milk undergoes diligent quality tests and is then prepared through heating and filtering so that it is safe and suitable for making into cheese. Then the magic starts. Skilled cheese masters introduce the starter culture to the milk and through a combination of heat and fermentation, it starts to transform into the curds that are the starting point of the cheese. When the cheese wrights decide it is the perfect consistency and texture it is poured into the cheese rounds and pressed. Once the right density and correct moisture level has been obtained, the cheese is soaked in a special brine, which helps the preservation process and introduces more of the distinctive flavour that makes DŽIUGAS, cheese so special. The pressed cheese is then stored in special chambers which automatically maintain the required temperature and relative air humidity. Whilst it matures, the cheese masters check it regularly, turning it as required and ensuring it is progressing in a way that satisfies their high standards. When they are certain the cheese has met all their exacting demands, it is vacuum packed and taken to special store rooms for further ageing.

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