Lithuanian tree cake


It is hard to imagine the Lithuanian festive table without one of the most charming and oldest traditional desserts – a tall and spiky Tree Cake, or as we call it, Šakotis (pronounced [ʃʌ – kɔː – tɪs] or sha – ko – tees), which literally means “the branchy one”. The cake is baked using a special technique, where the batter is poured bit by bit on the long roll, that spins over the open fire. These type of cakes are also called the spit cakes and similar variations are baked in the neighbourhood countries, which shows its old roots (pun intended). Such baking method gives both the spikes (branches) and the layers of dough (tree growth rings).

While it would be very difficult to ship the tree cake of its traditional height (they can be baked up to 1 metre high!), we offer you to buy the 0,5 kg or 1 kg versions. It is as festive, tasty and made of exceptional quality ingredients – eggs, butter, flour. No additives, no substitutes and the traditional recipe. Enjoy!



Ingredients: eggs, wheat flour, sugar, butter, sour cream, rum, vanillin
Allergens: cereals containing gluten, milk and milk products containing lactose

Storage conditions: temperature range from 5°C to 23°C
Package: paper

Nutrition facts (100 g/ml):
Energetic value – 2138,00 kJ / 510,00 Kcal
Fat – 31,48 g
Saturated fatty acids – 16,51 g
Carbohydrates – 48,18 g
Sugar – 26,05 g
Proteins – 9,52 g
Salt – 0,19 g

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