Dark rye bread “Agotos”


“Agotos” is a trademark of “Vilniaus Duona” – one of the oldest Lithuanian bakeries. “Agota” is an ancient Lithuanian name, and the breads that are named under it, are well known for traditional taste.

“Agotos” dark bread is baked using natural products only, without any preservatives.

“Agotos” dark bread is soft, delicious, richly flavored rye bread. It goes perfectly with any meal – its rich flavor complements and gives character to the whole taste.



Nutritional value (in 100 g)

Energy value – 1014 kJ/242 kcal; fats – 1,0 g, of which saturated fats – 0,1 g; carbs – 48,8 g, of which sugars – 5,5 g; fiber – 4,6 g; proteins – 7,2 g; salt – 1,25 g

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