Our Products

We offer quite a large assortment here at FromLithuania.org – and it is selected, packed and shipped with great love and care.

Product selection

Each product is selected with care and usually tried by ourselves before we make it available to our buyers.

Product selection is what we at FromLithuania.org are proud of. The criteria are as follow:

  • Manufactured in Lithuania
  • Very high quality
  • Features traditional local ingredients and/or is made via traditional process
  • Promotes Lithuanian language, history and traditions and/or features Lithuanian authors and/or can be used in learning Lithuanian language

All of the products we offer at FromLithuania.org are sourced locally from the best companies and artisans. Therefore we always have all our assortment in stock and can fulfil even the largest orders.

Product expiration dates

Most food items are shipped with not less than 1 month left until expiry date. Bakery items – not less than 14 days till expiry date. If the product has a specific expiry date, you can see a notice about that on the product page.

Cosmetics items are shipped with not less than 3 months left unitl expiry date.

Product labels

All products have original labels, we also add information in English if it is not there.

Product packaging

All products are shipped in their original packaging, plus a branded wrapper of FromLithuania.org. Then they are placed in special extra durable shipping boxes or envelopes (depending on the product size and type), including needed packaging helpers to ensure that you receive products in their original form, shape and appearance. We take extra care in packaging, as many of our orders take a long way to reach you and we do not want to disappoint our buyers.

Yes, every product we offer is manufactured locally by verified and certified producers or artisans. They are authentic, original and all of them are of a high quality. You will not be disappointed yourself, nor if you make a gift for someone else.

For the ease of product selection, we placed them in categories and sub-categories according their type. Main categories are Food, Cosmetics,  Home & Living, Fashion & Accessories, Art & Culture and Games, DIY, Kids. You can see them in our main menu at the top of the website. By clicking on any, you will see the subcategories each of them consists of and can find the needed products even more easily.

When in category, or subcategory, please click on Filter to see available filters for the products, or on Default sorting – to change the product sorting to your preferred one.

You can put as many products in the cart, as you need. Also, you can add more than one of each.

When finished selecting, please go to your Cart (a bag icon in the main menu), and click on Proceed to Checkout – this way you will get to the final step – payment page. Read more on the payment methods we offer here: Payment.

If you can’t find a product you need, or there is a specific feature lacking of the existing product (like color or size), please let us know through our Product Request form. We will contact our suppliers as soon as possible and get back to you.

Of course!

We offer seasonal discounts (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Lithuanian National Celebrations, etc.) so please come and take advantage of those.

Also, we apply an automatic discount for loyal buyers – from the second time you shop with us, you will see the discount applied in your cart. You have to be logged in for us to know it’s you – everything else will be taken care automatically! The more times you shop with us, the bigger discount is applied!

Thirdly, there is a volume discount applied for high-quantity and gift basket orders. This is very convenient if you are buying a gift basket or want to get a large amount of smaller gifts for your friends and relatives (like stocking fillers). Again, when applicable, you will see this discount applied automatically in your cart – you do not need to do anything to get it, just choose and add to cart the products you need!

Moreover, we offer free shipping in Europe, USA, Canada or Australia for all orders of $199 and over.

And finally, we enclose a little thank-you gift for every buyer!

Gift basket is a mix of some of our products that we pre-selected into one bundle for you. You can change quantities of each product in the bundle.

Gift baskets are great presents for your friends and relatives. Also buying gift baskets do not require browsing and selecting each product for yourself. So you save time, and more – you save money, as each gift basket costs less than if you bought the products it consists separately!

Gift baskets come with special packaging at no additional price – all the items are packed together using high-quality silk paper, linen twine and an empty gift tag for your convenience! Also, you can select optional additional paid packaging for gift baskets – these are special cases, boxes, and of course – baskets; each featuring a casing, a ribbon and an empty gift tag.