About Us and Our Mission

Lithuanians can be found anywhere in the world. This saying is usually used as a joke, but anyone that had travelled at least a bit can vow that it is actually true.

We are a brave nation so we always seek for the best: for us, our families, our dreams. Be it spiritual needs, financial ones, or, sadly – but in the past already – be it safety; we work hard to achieve those and sometimes it is not possible in our home country. However, more often than not, we do not limit ourselves and strive for our aims even in if it means relocating to the farthest corner of the Earth.

Like braveness, Lithuanians have more qualities that define us as a nation. One of those is love for our home country, traditions and language. This love turns to gruelling longing when we are far away.

Therefore, the main mission of FromLithuania.org is to help this love thrive and to lessen your sadness. Also, spread Lithuanian traditions all over the world; educate other nations that we are unique but friendly; help Lithuanian ancestors find out and actually try the real Lithuania, help them to teach their children what Lithuania is like, feels like, tastes like…

FromLithuania.org is not an actual business at its core, it’s obvious that we are a small-scale activity. This is more about us paying the debt to our country and helping you do that too. FromLithuania.org is simply an expression of love to Lithuania from wherever our life takes us, and we immensely enjoy it. Join us – browse our selection and enjoy Lithuania, wherever in the world you are.

Although we do not consider ourselves as a business per se, we must stress that legally we are a legitimate and transparent business, located in Lithuania, paying all the taxes to our country. You will get an invoice for every purchase. Our legal info is as follows:
MB Sectio Aurea
Address for correspondence: Nageviciaus 3, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 654 53581
Email: contact@fromlithuania.org